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We run a range of services based on the LEGO Education method of learning. We run camps, after school classes, weekend workshops, school workshops and more. We have had over 500 children take part in our camps and classes since we started and we've many more coming through our doors each week. Our goal is to provide children with the best possible start in life and educate them in a new, fun and innovative way that will supplement their school education. At SFQ, children aged from 18 months to 16 years can come together to explore, learn and discover brick by brick. Our courses stimulate a life long love of learning by using innovative ways to teach science, engineering, math, language arts, literacy and social studies. Learn together ‘brick by brick’. “Think Outside the Blocks.”

Services Offered by SFQ Robotics

SFQ offer different services for LEGO education which includes the following

  •  STEM EDUCATION We align school curriculum like the British curriculum, American curriculum, Indian school curriculum and the Qatar National curriculum and other countries education curriculum with Lego Education standards. We follow the school curriculum based on the set themes by the schools. We have done this in many schools and it has proven a success.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS EDUCATION Our Lego resources are also aligned with special education needs which can go a long way in helping children with special needs to further improve on their knowledge using hands on activity
  • SCHOOL FIELD TRIP Schools visit our center for their field trips using Lego education sets for the specific age group and year of children. We have done a lot of school field trips with different schools in Qatar and this has proven to be a success and we have different testimonies from them.
  • EVENTS We also participate in various events organized by public and private companies and entities. E.g. National day, sports day, Technology day for ministries, festivals, exhibitions, Al Faisal without boarders etc.. 

Course Description:

  • Building with Mommy (18 - 36 Months) - Through the bond children have with their parents, this course will introduce them to early math, early language, social development and understanding the world. Our teachers will present a special curriculum using LEGO® Duplo blocks and soft bricks to teach your toddler numbers, colors, sorting, counting, phonetics awareness and much more.
  • Mini Builders (3 - 4 Years) - This course will inspire preschoolers to use their imagination to explore different topics to develop their social skills and also ability to collaborate which is crucial for their success in schools and later in life. As students use special LEGO® Education sets specially designed for preschool. Children will develop the confidence and skills that make them school ready. 
  • Lego Builders (5 - 6 Years) - This course will use themed sets to help children explore engineering, language arts, mathematics science and social studies while building and reinforcing the most fundamental learning skills of the 21st century: collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. The activities will introduce them to the concept of measurement, speed, balance. They will be encouraged to describe the outcome of their investigations using the concept of simple machine relating to gear, lever, wheels and axle and pulley.
  • WeDo (7 - 9 Years) - WeDo® course use fun hands on robotics projects to build science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. Your child will learn how to build and program robots with LEGO® Bricks using sensors, motors and LEGO® playful WeDo® software. Students starts learning the basics mechanical principle behind the six classes of simple machine and then increase their understanding by adding working motors, sensors and develop computer programs to make their model move.
  • EV3 Robotics (9 - 16 Years) - This robotics class allows students to discover STEM skills in a fun, engaging and hands on way. Students will build, program and control robots while tackling real life issues such as energy conservation and climate change. Boys enroll in this course are taught the value of team work and cooperation while being exposed to science and engineering in a fun and supportive way. 


Gharrafa, Al Jazi Village 2

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